BeautyMe Love Recipes

BeautyMe Love Recipes

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Steamed Colour Cakes

I saw this recipe from Victoria Moon Kua and love the pretty color layers. Though the steps seem easy but I find the folding part was a challenge as my cake turned out not as spongy like Victoria. I could have over mixed and thus deflated the batter. Also, the batter was too much for the baking tin I used, I only managed to do 3 color layers. Overall it tasted yummy and I even have 2 pretty models for my bakes.


1 tsp baking powder
250g cake flour
25g full cream milk powder
25g corn flour

100g fresh milk
50g butter (melted)

500g egg white
250g sugar
1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp strawberry paste
1 tsp coffee paste
1 tsp pandan paste


1. Grease and line 8 inch square pan with baking paper.
2. Sift A together and set aside.
3. Mix B together.
4. Whip C till stiff peak.
5. Fold A into C in a few addition.
6. Blend in B.
7. Divide batter into 4 equal portions and add in paste into individual portions (1 layer without any paste).
8. Steam each layer for 7 mins on high heat and at last layer, steam for 10 mins at medium heat.

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